Conducting research is not scary, it is exciting!

The Research Inspirator app is intended for beginner researchers (higher professional education and university). The app offers them insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the various research methods in a contemporary and playful manner. After all there are already enough hierarchically oriented handbooks with prescriptive step-by-step plans that lead students to perceive conducting research as a dull obligation.
This app promotes the creativity and serendipity that are essential to any study. The app has been designed as an exciting space journey to unknown destinations and guides the students past the obstacles and pitfalls in the field of research in an interactive, surprising and humorous way. The combination of an ongoing, fun story line with an overview of the main research options from the space traveler’s perspective motivates students and can be compared to coaching. Supported by written material, the students discover the pros and cons of the various research methods. The interactive animations, complete with music and sound effects, also make this research app a modern fairy tale about looking at the world with a sense of discovery.